6 Cool WhatsApp Features Introduced in 2021
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6 Cool WhatsApp Features Introduced in 2021

Everybody knows that the current year is about to end with Christmas and New Year Eve, the time has come to look back on some interesting and cool features introduced by WhatsApp in the past months of 2021.

WhatsApp is the largest messaging app with interesting and quick features that attract millions and billions of people. Just like in the year 2020, we have seen some changes in the form of new features in WhatsApp, this year too, the company has released some of the best for its users. Let’s have a quick look at these cool features.

Here, we have provided 6 top features introduced by WhatsApp in 2021.

  • 1.Make Calls on PC

With this feature launched in 2021, you can easily make or receive WhatsApp-enabled voice and video calls right from your PC or laptop without picking up your handheld device.

  • 2.Receive or Transfer Money

Although this feature was introduced in 2020 the company has removed some glitches from the features to make it smoother in 2021. It is available for both iOS and Android users. It helps the users to transfer and receive money from someone using the UPI payment option.

  • 3.Multi-device Feature

This new move of WhatsApp allows users to connect their multiple devices to WhatsApp without even turning On the internet on their smartphone.

  • 4.Transfer Chats from iOS to Android Smartphone

Users can easily move their chats from iPhone to Android smart gadgets using the option “Move Chats to Android” available in the Settings menu.

  • 5.Transfer Disappearing Media Files through View Once

With this feature, you can send disappearing messages and let your viewer see them only once because, after that, the message will be removed permanently.

  • 6.Mute Videos

You can mute or silent your videos before sharing them with someone.


The year 2021 brings lots of joys and sorrows in the life of people according to their situations, but in the digital world, we see many changes like new updates in WhatsApp. Update your WhatsApp and get new features introduced in 2021.

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