Block ATM/Debit Cards Online: A Step-By-Step Guide
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Block ATM/Debit Cards Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

In the post-pandemic era, the usage of online transactions has increased. Online transaction has enabled people to transfer their money in an easy and quick way. But it is less safe, as it increased the risk of fraudulent transactions. If the ATM or debit card has been stolen, one should block it first, which can be used to withdraw your cash from banks anonymously. 

What To Do If ATM/Debit Card Get Stolen?

If your debit card or ATM card gets stolen, or someone gets your ATM card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN), any unauthorized and anonymous online transaction can be done using your card details. It can be avoided or stopped by blocking your ATM card or debit card at the same time, it can also be done online. Online transactions increased the manifold in this post-pandemic era that increasing the risk of fraudulent transactions. So, it is important to block your ATM/debit card first, if it gets stolen or lost. 

How to Block ATM/Debit Cards Online, Instantly?

One can block the Debit or ATM card simply by calling the bank’s customer care number through the mobile app. If your debit/ATM card is belonging to the SBI or State Bank of India, then you can easily block your card using OnlineSBI. Below are the steps to block your SBI card instantly: 

Step 1: Log in to the website www.onlinesbi.com by using your account credentials (username and password). 

Step 2: Now, select the option ‘ATM Card Services’ > ‘Block ATM Card’ that is linked to the ‘e-Services’ tab. 

Step 3: Select your bank account associated with your ATM or Debit Card. 

Step 4: On the screen, you will see all active and blocked cards. There, you will be shown the last four digits of your card(s). 

Step 5: Now, select the card that you want to block, and hit on ‘Submit’ button. Verify details and then confirm. 

Step 6: Now, confirm the authentication mode, via profile password or SMS OTP. 

Step 7: On the screen, now enter the profile password or OTP password as selected earlier and ‘Confirm’. 

Step 8: A pop-up message will be displayed with the ticket number after blocking the card. Note down the ticket number to use in the future. 

If your ATM card and associated account are linked to ICICI Bank, then block it by logging in to the net banking through the mobile app. The bank temporarily blocks the debit/ATM cards that can be unlocked by logging in to the account. So, keep in mind that if you somewhere lost your card, first block it for the safety of your money. 

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