Get Movies and TV Shows on YouTube with its Latest Update
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Get Movies and TV Shows on YouTube with its Latest Update

This week YouTube has launched a new update for its users in providing more comfort in watching favorite movies and TV shows. With this update, you can watch your desired TV shows right on the YouTube app. However, users have to watch their favorite TV shows and movies with just a few ads.  

YouTube gave a statement regarding its update, “YouTube is at the forefront of the consumer shift to CTV viewership as the top ad-supported streaming platform with the content people enjoy and the creators they love. And now US viewers for the first time will be able to watch full seasons of TV shows on YouTube for free with ads. Now you can stream nearly 4,000 episodes of your favorite TV shows, including Hell’s Kitchen, Andromeda, Heartland, and more.”

Adding 4000 episodes is a good thing for the users. While Google also added 1500 movies from Warner, Bros, Paramount Pictures, Disney, and more to the app. 

In December 2021, YouTube reported that millions of users are not watching YouTube content on their TV sets. This strengthens YouTube to become the top viewing platform. 

It will be also noted to add YouTube’s ad inventory, which offers new opportunities for brands to connect viewers through the app with TV-like campaigns, at a more affordable price with many targeting options.

Right now, TV viewing is still relatively strong with perfect data from eMarketer that depicts that traditional TV viewing remains a key source of media for many years.

Though mobile utilization is clearly on the rise. Another study conducted by the Consumer Technology Association earlier this year found that US consumers now spend almost as much time watching videos on social platforms as they do watching traditional TV. While TV viewing time is declining steadily.  

This particular update may not be the final straw, but it’s another step toward the scaffold for the old-school networks. And while many of them are modified. Many others will soon go the way of the dinosaurs or DVDs left the world, gradually fading out as older audiences stop dominating the most relevant media sources.

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