How to create Facebook Ads in few steps
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How to create Facebook Ads in few steps

Facebook Advertising is the best way to engage the leads for your company. It allows businesses to create catchy and well designed creations and we can target the audience at a low cost. 

Step 1: Navigate to your Ads Center

You need to get acquainted with the help of the Facebook Ad Center. The first step is to open your Facebook page and click the “Promote” button. After that open a popup window where you can start creating ad campaigns.  

Step 2: Choose an objective

After that you choose an objective, your objective defines your ads type. You choose between the four objective, when you create a page-

  • Promote your page- Ads based on promoting your page objective allow you to promote your facebook pages, reach out to leads, boost engagement around your post, and increase your overall brand awareness.   
  • Promote your business locally- Promote your business locally are good strategies to attract an audience around your offline shop in an accurate location. These ads are shown based on customer radius around your shop or any required location on a map. 
  • Get More Website Visitors- These ads motivate users to look into your brand, they learn more about your product and offers. Because of this objective, these ads help you to invite people to your event, get app install, increase video views. 
  • Go more leads- These ads help you to generate subscribers for your email marketing and facebook messenger chatbot, encouraging users to engage with your brands in many ways.

After posting, you upload videos, create events, etc. on your facebook page, some other type of objective appear to choose from-

  • Boost Post
  • Boost Video Post
  • Boost an Event
  • Promote your Button
  • Promote your App
  • Get More Website Purchases

Step 3: Create an ad-

  • single image;
  • single video;
  • slideshow;
  • Carousel.

The ad format is based on what objective you choose. For example- Promote your page objective does not allow you to use Carousel format. On the other side,  “Promote Your Business Locally” and “Get More Leads” ads are created in a different format to reach specific goals more effectively. 

Facebook Ad Center in alliance with Shutterstock allows you to use a library of free stock images. Don’t worry about the watermarks, it will disappear when the ad is shown to your audience. There is also default text available that will fit the goal. Since our goal is to promote our page, the text says: “Connect with Muscle Road.” but we changed the image and the text a little bit.

Step 4: Choose the duration and budget for your Facebook ad campaign

After choosing your target audience, you need to decide the duration and budget of your ad campaign. You can choose to “Run this ad continuously,” which means your ad campaign will run until your budget expires. 

Another way you set the duration and budget,“Choose when this ad will end.” here you can choose the end date or set the duration and also set your daily budget. You can also see the amount of money that you will spend by the end of your campaign.

Step 5: Choose your payment currency

Lastly, you choose your payment currency to pay for your facebook campaign. Now you can start your promotion or save as draft.

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