Instagram Head Profile Goals for 2022, Give More Control to Users
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Instagram Head Profile Goals for 2022, Give More Control to Users

On Tuesday, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri announced the photo-sharing app’s key preferences for 2022, which cover doubling down on videos. He featured videos, messaging, transparency, and creators as the four key areas on which the Meta-owned policy will be focusing in the coming year. The Instagram head also talked about vital updates that arrived on the application this year like sensitive content control and the quality to hide like counts. Also, Instagram delivered Limits and Hidden Words that block out the abusive direct message (DM) requests this year.

A video of Mosseri on Twitter revealed Instagram’s general goals for 2022.

He revealed, “We’re going to have to rethink what Instagram is because the world is changing quickly and we’re going to have to change with it.” In the video, Mosseri catalogs out Instagram’s preferences for 2022 that contain videos, messaging, transparency, and creators.

In the coming year, Instagram is planning to combine all of its video formats around Reels.

He added, “We’re going to double down on our focus on video, we’re no longer just a photo-sharing app, and consolidate all our video formats around Reels and continue to grow that product.” He said Instagram will focus on messaging and will double down work on controls to enhance transparency in the coming year. He secured that Instagram will establish more monetization products to help and allow the creators to make a living on the platform.

“We’re thinking about who we are, what we value, and what kind of change we want to affect in the world,” Adam said.

In the video, He also talks about the functionalities that Instagram introduced this year to provide users more control over their feeds and profiles. These contain controls to filter sensitive content, the ‘hide like count’ feature, and the ‘limits’ feature.

The sensitivity filter announced in July permits people to set limits around how much hidden sensitive content they might see on their ”Explore” page. With the hide-like count feature, users can remove the number of likes on their posts. Limits automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who don’t follow the user or who have recently started following the user.

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