Instagram Increases Daily Time Usage Limit for the Users
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Instagram Increases Daily Time Usage Limit for the Users

Global platform Instagram has launched the new update. Take a break option rolled out in November as an opt-feature that lets people remind that they are using the app beyond their limited time.

 Previously, the user can set the daily usage limit of 10 minutes per day (the optional setting for the users) and the option starts with 10 minutes or 15 minutes but in this update, they increased the daily app usage limit minimum to 30 minutes.

But it looks like they want users to spend an eye longer time watching the new reels and feeds as the user spent more time on the app the more chances there are to run more ads. Thus, it looks like it’s a money-making tactic that they are using, the reason behind is they take these steps is still unknown.

How to set a daily time limit on Instagram?

If you are not aware of the Take break option, it’s easy to set up your daily limit.

We can start this (optional setting) by the following steps:

  • By going onto the profile, tap the menu button
  • Their tap on to the menu button there you will find ‘your activity’ press on it.
  • There you will find ‘Time spent’ tap on it 
  • There you will have a “set daily time limit” tap on it, and you can set daily limits.

Instagram will remind you to break after setting up the limit on your Instagram. 

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