Know About Pinterest Ads and Its Types
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Know About Pinterest Ads and Its Types

  • What are the Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads are typically the same as other pins, except that prints have been sponsored to receive extra exposure in relevant search results. 

Pinterest business account holders can choose to beat existing performing pins for their promotion. Create a new image, video, or even promote an image that has been already pinned from a website. 

After setting up the ads in Pinterest Ads Manager, they will appear in users’ feeds and relevant search results. The ads will be displayed in the user’s feed based on their historical activity.

For example, if you are searching for beauty products and wellness, it’s likely those ads will be displayed on users’ home feeds. 

Pinterest targets the audience based on age, location, their interest so that the users can reach the right audience for your brand. 

  • Different Types of Ads

There are five types of ads to meet the particular campaign activity. 

  • Standard Pins

Standard pins are one of the most popular types of ads as over 83% of weekly US Pinterest users can make purchased standard pins they see from the brand, so it’s always a great idea to boost the visibility of your pins. 

The standard pin is simple vertical or square-shaped. It may be in video format that allows you to easily showcase your products and content. 

Once the users save a Standard pin ad aboard the promoted by label disappeared. And your brand gains more exploration without expending any extra cost because your visitors save your ads.  When a user clicks on the ad, they attract to your products.  

Organic Rich pins work on a two-step system, so Standard Pins really gives you an advantage. 

Here are some recommended specifications for standard pin ads- 

  • File type: .PNG or .JPEG
  • Ideal aspect ratio: 2:3
  • File size: Max 10 MB
  •  Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are similar to Standard Pins, except for one thing that they allow users to swipe through multiple images or videos you know as “Cards” in a single pin. 

Carousel ads are available on both Desktop and Mobile allowing you to add 2 to 5 cards. Each card has its own title and description and also a link, you could add a link to 5 different web pages from one carousel which is great for creating more engagement from a single pin.

If you want to show your multiple products or a single product that has multiple features, this ad format is ideal for these cases.

Here are some recommended specifications for Carousel pin ads- 


  • Image count: 2-5 images per Pinterest Carousel
  • File type: PNG or JPEG
  • Max file size: 32 MB per image
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 or 2:3
  • Character count:
  • Title: Up to 100 characters on these the first 30-35 characters will appear in people’s feeds.
  • Description: Up to 500 characters, the first 50-60 characters are most important so put the important content first. 
  • Video Pins Ads

Video ads are a great way to describe your product or share strong stories with your audience. If you want to enhance viewers’ retention then go through these ads. So giving your video ads is an excellent way to boost your Pinterest performance. Available for desktop or mobile, this ad format is for “how-to’s” or telling more engaging stories about a brand or product.

Many users watch videos with the sound off so keep your ads a for silent viewing experience. So using text overlays is a great way to get every viewer engaged.  

use some format for video ads- 

  • File type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v
  • Encoding: H.264 or H.265
  • Max file size: Up to 2GB
  • Video length: the length of video Minimum 4 seconds, maximum 15 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: The ratio of video is Shorter 1:2 (width:height), taller 1.91:1

Character counts:

  • Title: Up to 100 characters, the first 30-35 characters will show in people’s feeds.
  • Description: Up to 500 characters. The first 50-60 characters are most important because they show up in people’s feeds, so put the important content first.  
  • Shopping Pins

Another Pinterest ad Shopping pins that allow you to upload products from your catalogue and turn ten into pins, reaches people when they are deciding what to buy. 

It’s also available for mobile and desktop, the main objective of this campaign is conversions. Shopping pins are available in the same places as stand pins would, like in users’ home feed. 

Shopping is ideal and extra valuable for brands because the users can be loaded up with product details and you tag at least 4-5 dots in an image by linking every dot. 

  • App Install Pins

App install pins are those where users can download the linked app without even happening to leave Pinterest. These pins link to any App Store or Google Play app URL. App pins have an install button, but you can also promote certain features of your app with the pin’s description.

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