New Feature: Twitter adds the Search Feature on Direct messages
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New Feature: Twitter adds the Search Feature on Direct messages

Twitter rolls out the new update of the direct message search feature on its mobile app as well as the desktop version from its official handle. In May the first platform showed off the direct message keyword search feature is none other than “Twitter”.

Now, recently Twitter has revealed the much-anticipated feature for direct messaging, which let the users search for chats or conversations with a specific keyword. Users can simply enter a word from the message they’re looking for and it will search for the keyword on your entire chat history. Adding this new feature will make searching for the right chat a lot easier for its users. 

The organization wrote, “We know you’ve been waiting for the option to search your DMs. Now you can use the search bar in your inbox to find specific messages using keywords and names.”

How does it work?

You need to head to the DM (direct message) section and then open the required chat window.

Once you are at the conversation window click on the search option and enter the message keyword that you need to search.

With the process, all chats where previously you have used that particular keyword will be filtered and will be shown on your mobile or your PC screen.

Well, this feature will be a piece of good news for the brands that use Twitter for customer services. For those individuals searching for a user name has some limited value, significantly if you are dealing with many customers and conversations.

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