Short Title: Latest Update For Product Ads By Google
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Short Title: Latest Update For Product Ads By Google

Google recently updated a new feature in google merchant centre called short title. This update allows you to describe your specific product to the point in a short and precise way because your users always look at the title and if it’s too long, it’s possible that they may not be interested in your particular ad. 

Where Will The Short Title Attribute Be Shown?

The short title is considered optional, compared to the one that is required. There are some prominent differences between title and short title. 

  • Title attribute: In this blog, the queries of the customer search are accurately matched to the product landing page.  
  • Short title attribute: A short title is a specific and brief identifier of the product. It is always recommended. 

For Example- If you have a coffee product then the product name is “Nestle coffee”. The title of this product is “organic coffee, hot & cold coffee, cappuccino coffee”, Short title maybe“coffee”.

Because the short title is optional, it doesn’t need to show all the things. The Short title is usually applied in the shopping ads and discovery campaign in email as well. 

Requirement of Short Title 

For a short title, the limit of the characters must be between 1-150, but google considers and recommend keeping the title’s character count between 5-65 characters. There are some google limitations that you have to follow, otherwise, google may disapprove of your product ad. The limitation included are- 

  • Keep language professional and grammatically correct. 
  • Do not use a foreign language in your content for an attractive purpose. 
  • In your short title do not use promotions. 
  • Avoid intemperate capitalization.

Short title used to describe your landing product, it does not need to match exactly to your landing page title, but it should refer to your product. 

Practice to Use Short Title Attribute

To optimize your title in your product feed, we suggest keeping your title short and precise. The main points you have to focus on are- 

  • The short title character limitation is 65 characters
  • List the most important details first
  • Add your brand name

The character limits in your contexts are really important. Keeping a short title is always better because people scroll your content to show your title. After 65 characters, your title may seem lengthy and make your user uninterested in your ads. 

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