Snapchat Adds New Live Location Feature
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Snapchat Adds New Live Location Feature

The global platform we all know as Snapchat added a new Live Location feature that will let the users allow to share real-time live location with their contacts for 15 minutes, one or 8 hours. The live location works with the Snap Map. 

Snapchat launched Snap Maps in 2017 with the feature of allowing to see the last location where the user logged on to the Snapchat application in order to share their real-time location with someone, the user must add the person as a friend.

This update is safe for the young generation and it provides surety to every person. If the person uses this feature for the first time, it will show the pop-up window to the person who shares his/her real-time live location as this feature is only for the connections that the user made for sharing location. Snapchat specifies that the user can only share their live location once at a time they cannot share their location to all of their contacts at once. 

Although it’s for the safety of young ones, the features also have their own risk. Bossy partners can force the user to give them their location and if another user interferes in their privacy through this sharing option, it may create problems, but the platform is ready to provide more security and control to the users. 

However, there are other options in the digital world but Snap Map is attracting young users as it keeps them secure while sharing their locations. 

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