Top 7 Social Media Sites Where You Must Promote Your Business
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Top 7 Social Media Sites Where You Must Promote Your Business

The latest number of internet users all over the world is approx. 3.9 billion, among them active social media users are approx 3.028 billion. So, we can see that a majority of the population is using social media sites. Hence, social media sites are the best option for you to create attention for your business as well as for the visitors to check out your company.

Here you will get to learn about some social media sites to endorse your business. Let’s plunge in.


Talking about the topmost popular social media sites, Facebook ranks first with a count of 2.2 billion users. Due to the demographic and broad user base, Facebook is holding the top spot. You can post your business activities on the Facebook page, and the relevant audience will get to see your business activities by scrolling up the newsfeed.


Nine million monthly active visitors are using Instagram. It is the fastest-growing social network. The Instagram user base is doubling every year. Its popularity is remarkable. So, it will be a win-win situation if you use it for the marketing of your business.


People use Youtube to upload or watch videos. There are more than 1.9 billion monthly active users on Youtube which can be a great platform to spread out your business. Instead of investing extra money on advertisement, you can upload videos including the most searched keywords in the title along with video descriptions.


Twitter, having monthly active users of around 336,000,000, is the platform acting as a magnet for controversy, and its growth is beyond expectations. Now the leaders, CEOs, actors, politicians use Tweets to convey messages and views that create excellent impacts. Many hashtag movements have been arranged from this platform. So, it can be quickly concluded that Twitter can be used as a platform to promote business. 


Reddit is a total hub for everyone having different fields of interest. You will never get bored of visiting that site; you will always enjoy reading topics depending on whatever you want from the site. For instance, there are subreddits like World Music and Music; there you will find music from all over the world. So, for your company promotion, you can use it, and you can gain the right amount of leads from there.


Pinterest has monthly active users of around 200,000,000. Pinterest has gradually acquired an outstanding place for marketing among other social media channels for marketers. As a social media platform, Pinterest is a little bit different from Google focused SEO process. It gives an area to present your business in a creative storytelling way. It also provides a “discovery” platform and users can even get new ideas.


LinkedIn has 250 million monthly active users; hence, you can consider LinkedIn a great social media platform that provides exact information about people and their jobs. So, it can be beneficial for job titles and target specific businesses.

These are the most popular social media sites where you can promote your business to reach more audiences. Get in touch with a reputed social media agency in Sydney to use the relevant social media site to the fullest extent to promote your business. Click here

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