Twitter Expands New Safety Mode “Auto-block” option to more users
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Twitter Expands New Safety Mode “Auto-block” option to more users

Last year Twitter announced the testing of its new ‘Safety mode’ in September 2021. ‘Safety Mode’ was previously available for about 750 Beta users, but now on Wednesday, Twitter said After analyzing and reviewing all the feedback of beta users related to its new safety mode’ for four months from its release date, Twitter finally announced that they have decided to introduce the same for more users and will be out for 50% of English speaking countries.  In other words, ‘Safety mode’ comes with auto-blocking feature based on automatic system detection by this microblogging platform.

As Twitter said, “it’s bringing ‘Safety mode’ to several English-speaking countries so it will be available in the web and app-based platforms of Twitter.”

To clarify it better, safety mode doesn’t offer you the potential to shut down individuals up in the real world.   

They rolled out some interesting features and settings that may help people to feel more comfortable to get an enhanced and secure user experience, it is a feature that temporarily blocks users’ accounts for seven days for using potentially harmful language or any type of abusive actions. 

The main motive of Twitter through this new update is to avoid all negative impacts and actions to give the user a safe and secure environment to access its services. So, if people are getting replies to a controversial tweet people can switch to safe mode with ease. 

Also, it will help some users to avoid taking responsibility and the outcomes of their actions. 

This update will provide a good option to restrict abusive, controversial content and tweets of the users by restricting/ blocking an account for seven days. Based on previous feedback results Twitter realized that people want more help to secure their identity on social media platforms.

Auto-blocking Feature of Twitter Using Safety Mode

Autoblocks are temporary Safety mode that automatically restricts the users from using its services for about seven days, but they can also request Twitter to shorten or enlarge the time in ‘Safety Mode’ between 1,3 and 7 days. In this case, they won’t be able to see new messages, updates, and other tweets from their followers, etc. This move of Twitter is very important for the protection of user rights in accordance with the policy norms of the company. 

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