Twitter Hiring Executives to Comply with New Indian IT Rules
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Twitter Hiring Executives to Comply with New Indian IT Rules

Twitter appoints an interim compliance officer for India and seeks to hire for two more executives for their troubled office in India. They said they are concerned about the safety of staff in India. Twitter is hiring for three positions that are needed to comply with new IT rules.

Twitter has already appointed a chief compliance officer for the Twitter office in India and is hiring to fulfill other executives positions soo, as reported by Reuters.

Intermediary Guidelines

India’s new IT rules were released in May 2021. Digital activists are concerned with new IT rules that will curtail online as the free speech for privacy in India. These new IT rules are called Intermediary Guidelines that seek to regulate the content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

These rules make such platforms accountable to the legal request that removes posts swiftly and shares details about originators of the messages. Under the new IT rules, tech giants and social media firms have to remove the content in just 36 hours after the legal order issued by the administration. 

In case they fail to comply with government requests, they will be criminally charged for failing. Yes, the staff of Twitter in India may face prison and sanctions, if not obey the government’s orders. No wonder, after all, Twitter is struggling to hire and fill the positions within the time.

What About Twitter’s Hiring?

Twitter posted job openings for three positions in twitter offices in India. They will try to make the employment’s offer within the upcoming eight weeks, reported by Reuters.

Delhi High Court directed Twitter to inform them about when it will appoint a resident grievance officer (RGO) to comply with new rules. It submitted that the process of doing it is going on.

Final Words!

Hence, Twitter may hire required executives in such a short time. Now, it remains to be observed that the staff could be held criminally liable if they fail to comply with the government’s requests.

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