What is Facebook Ads and How it Plays a Great role in Brand Awareness?
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What is Facebook Ads and How it Plays a Great role in Brand Awareness?

Increase your followers through Facebook ads to generate leads. It improves your online presence in a broader sense. Facebook ads are the right platform to popularize your brand and business and it’s 100% worth of your money.

Facebook has approx 2 million active users spending almost an hour a day along with its other application like messenger and Instagram. Facebook Engagement Ads is a powerful tool to boost your brand awareness. Thus the marketers are giving more and more attention to such kinds of ads.

Not every person who is using these ads looks after the results right after launching the campaign and others are stopping using the same services of Facebook ads. 

The truth is much deeper than it would be. So the question arrives is how to create effective ads for better engagement?

First, we will learn about what is Facebook engagement ads 

What are Facebook Engagement Ads?

Facebook engagement ads are also known as page post engagement (PPE) ads which allow companies to share their thought with other people beyond their Facebook page and their business reach. Businesses are paying for the post engagement rather than the reach. While launching a PPE, Facebook will show the ads to the people who are more likely to engage with your ads.

PPE ( page post engagement ) ads are not the same as boosted posts.

A boosted post is an organic post that turns into an advertisement used to reach more and more audiences through your post  Advertisers use PPE ads to pay for an actual engagement with the particular ad rather than generated reach. The good post engagement rate is 1.1-1.3%

We can improve our post engagement with these processes below 

  1. Start with understanding your target audience.
  2. Create relevant ads for your targeted audience.
  3. Always make sure your ads meet your reader’s needs.
  4. Create multiple ad sets of your Facebook ad.
  5. Create your ad’s for ‘post engagement’.
  6. Always add a CTA (call-to-action) button in your copy.
  7. Add more powerful images in your post.
  8. Engage with the comments on your ads.
  9. Always run test ads.
  10. Be more punctual and thought about your posting time.
  11. Always think about the ad frequency.

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