What’s a new update on Pinterest for Social Commerce?
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What’s a new update on Pinterest for Social Commerce?

The process of using social media networks to complete an online purchase is known as social media commerce. From searching for any product to ordering checkouts, everything happens on a social media platform nowadays. 

Of all the other platforms Pinterest is becoming the best platform for social media commerce. The platform is not wasting any opportunity with the increasing number of users of Pinterest the platform launched a new update of the verified merchant programs. Almost 478 million people are using the application every month to find new ideas and to inspire themself. 

The global platform “Pinterest” announced it has added to the global social commerce market on October 6. They estimated that adding several features to make shopping on the platform will make it easier, including a different new way to create shoppable videos/opportunities for all creators to tag the brands they want to collaborate with and the ability to promote a brand’s values, such as adding labels. 

Now merchants can automatically create shoppable videos by towing in multiple products from their catalog feed via Slideshow. The Creators can tag a brand or the products and promote an ad with an Idea Ads with the Paid Partnership feature. 

Why should people start switching to Pinterest?

This platform first launched in 2010, operating as a place for women to browse and pin the latest fashion style. While women still make up the maturity of Pinterest’s international audience at 80%, male and Gen Z pinners are up to 40% year over year. The platform is certainly striking impressive user growth-seeking higher sales and user attention. Here are the reasons why you should sell on Pinterest.

  1. Gets more potential customers.
  2. Simplifies the shopping experience.
  3. Assemble useful customer data for an individualized experience

This feature could make the key opportunity for Pinterest to showcase its potential in this respect. If you are not considered the potential of Pins before, and you have products to sell, maybe it’s time to try something new or something different.

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