YouTube Introduced New Metadata for Educational Videos
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YouTube Introduced New Metadata for Educational Videos

The Video giant “YouTube” which we all know for searching preferred videos for our use. It released new Metadata for Educational English videos.

YouTube creators can easily optimize their respective education videos for enhancing YouTube search which will be very beneficial for the future with additional metadata. 

The company has informed about the metadata in its weekly news segment that contains smaller changes for creators that seems good with respect to the user’s experience. 

New Metadata For Educational Videos 

YouTube rolls out new Metadata for videos that are educational in nature. YouTubers can categorize their videos at the time of uploading using the drop-down list. 

While selecting education as your preferred category, you will be granted this new metadata for the respective video you are uploading. 

It includes various sections like:

  • Type of video 
  • Academic system 
  • Educational level
  • Exams, course and their standards 

The above-mentioned fields are optional as you can easily skip the same to move further. 

For YouTubers, it is an important update as this metadata will be added to your youtube search to help users decide whether the video is relevant to you or not. 

Several Other Updates for YouTubers

Adding a Custom thumbnail and a new technique to highlight short videos on the desktop are some of the prominent updates of this week. Let’s explore each of them:

  • Customized Thumbnails in Mobile Based Application

This new update allows YouTubers to add customized thumbnails while uploading their respective videos using their mobile-based application. 

Earlier, this feature was only available on desktop applications. 

The update is going to launch for iOS users but soon it will expand to Android devices as well. 

  • Short Shelf for Desktop users

This update will give you the option to categorize and store all your short videos into a dedicated shelf section. It is available for desktop users. 
Note: This update is introduced to attract more and more users, especially those who want short videos. It’s like a boon for the YouTube creators who love to create such videos.

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